Teodor Dovichinski

Teodor Dovichinski is a fourth-year student studying Arts & Literature and Historical Forces. Originally from Vinica, Macedonia, he is making the most of the global experience by creatively applying his artistic passions to each of the cities he has and will live in while studying at Minerva.

Student Profile – Teodor



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Arts & Humanities

Trying new ways of making visual art has always intrigued me … At Minerva I’ve carried this spirit with me and used the opportunity to engage with different types of art in each city to inspire me and expand my views.

When considering university programs, Teodor was set on the idea of attending an institution that would allow him to “escape the confinements of conformity and have a more challenging experience.” At Minerva, he is able to apply what he has learned as an Arts and Humanities major to gain a deeper grasp of the subjects he is passionate about. Simultaneously, he is able to better understand art and creative thinking in a practical manner.