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Xiaotian Liao

Xiaotian Liao is a fourth-year student pursuing a double major in Natural Sciences and Computational Sciences. Originally from Chengdu, China, she aspires to become a physician-scientist, so she can facilitate important problem-solving conversations between people in different fields. 




Country of Origin



Natural Sciences

Computational Sciences

“Because of my interest in medicine, I was pretty surprised by my choice to attend Minerva, a liberal arts program. However, I knew that by living in cities around the world I would gain exposure to different medical systems, as well as people from various medical backgrounds, that would benefit me substantially in my quest to become a physician scientist.”

To develop her analytical skills and understand healthcare on a universal level, Xiaotian completed a research internship in bioinformatics at Novartis and has taken it upon herself to learn about healthcare in each of the Minerva cities. She recently conducted research in the immunology lab at Hanyang University in Seoul. Xiaotian joined the Class of 2019 to gain an interdisciplinary education that teaches her the skills needed for the evolving field of medicine.

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