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Minerva’s Coaching and Talent Development team works with each student to understand their career aspirations and helps them identify the steps they need to take in order to achieve their professional goals. This method surpasses a one-time resume review or access to job listings. Instead, starting your first year, coaches help students become professionally ready by collaborating on action plans, identifying necessary skills, and providing valuable insight and support.

Whether you desire to pursue a career in academia, the public sector, or private enterprise, you and your coach will work together to connect your passions and interests with opportunities and experiences.


of the jobs students will fill in the future do not exist today.

Source: 2014 study by Siemens USA

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Key Services

Personalized Coaching and Training

Beginning in your first year, you will work with the Coaching and Talent Development team to begin articulating your values, passions, interests, and professional goals. Through this personalized guidance, you will start to identify the types of roles worth pursuing, learn which missteps to avoid, and practice techniques for ascending from one position to the next.

As a global community, professional development at Minerva is not limited to Western opportunities and career possibilities. Instead, the Coaching and Talent Development team can help provide insight into regional job markets and distinct work cultures to fit students' needs. This method of support provides a range of professional development resources on topics such as optimizing your performance, working effectively in teams, seeking support within an organization, and other guidance to help you get the most out of every professional experience.

Professional Resources /

A growing resource database provides information on the skills you will need for professional success:

  • Self-Management Strategies 
  • Teamwork Techniques
  • Decision Making & Problem Solving 
  • Communication Strategies 
  • Personal Networking Strategies 
  • Data and Statistical Analysis 
  • Information Systems 
  • Microsoft Office & Email Tools 
  • LinkedIn Strategies & Techniques

Students gather in San Francisco during Foundation Week to discuss community values for the year ahead.

Photo: Bob Miller

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