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Publicity & Promotion

Build Your Reputation

Effective publicity and promotion of your thinking and work are key to reaching your full potential. By providing access to a range of platforms for sharing your ideas, perspectives, and eventually, expertise, Minerva helps you establish yourself as a worthy contributor to your chosen field.

From the time you become a Minerva student, and throughout your educational and professional career, you will have opportunities to share your work and viewpoints in the public sphere. Whether written pieces, media coverage, or live appearances, Minerva can identify multiple outlets for your voice, extending the awareness and reach of your thinking and accomplishments.

Student Discussion at Convocation 2016

Students engage in a group discussion during Foundation Week in San Francisco.

Photo: Jason Henry/Blink

Numerous Opportunities

In order to develop a cohesive public image, Minerva works with you in a variety of areas, from crafting, publishing, and promoting your content to public speaking and interview techniques.

Minervans have already appeared in top publications, including The Atlantic Magazine, The New York Times, USA Today, Newsweek, and The Sunday Times (UK); in top online channels including The Huffington Post and Medium; in major televised programming on outlets like PBS, Al Jazeera, and the Korean Broadcasting Service (KBS); as well as live at globally-attended events, including SXSW and TEDx.

Array of Minerva Press

Minervans have been featured in a range of top global publications.

Media Interviews
Through coverage in local, national, and international media you can share your thinking with audiences beyond the Minerva community. Like top celebrities, politicians, and executives, you will gain professional media training in advance of any appearances, preparing you to interact with journalists and media crews. The team will help you articulate your thoughts and practice communicating clearly and succinctly in an interview setting.

Published Work
From opinion pieces to scientific research to artistic creations, Minerva also works with you to develop, refine, publish, and promote your own original content. In addition to helping you identify meaningful topics, we offer professional editing, placement, and distribution support. By sharing your voice broadly, these written byline opportunities are an excellent way to both establish and reinforce your position as a thought leader.

Promoting Accomplishments
The Minerva team also works to showcase your individual achievements, as well as those of any organizations you represent, through traditional press, as well as web and social media channels. Whether presenting a personal film on YouTube, tweeting about a recent award, or getting press coverage for a new venture, we help ensure your accomplishments get noticed by the people and institutions that matter.

Speaker’s Bureau
The team also supports a speaker’s bureau, which identifies and manages student, alumni, and faculty appearances at relevant events.

By participating in these opportunities, as a student and alumni, you will build a portfolio of published work and documented exposure that will help shape your public persona and burnish your personal reputation.

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