Real understanding of the world and its people only comes from exposure to the realities of life in different cities with diverse cultures.

Cultural Immersion/

As a resident in seven vibrant world cities, you are constantly stimulated and challenged to grow. In addition to the life skills acquired through community living and cultural immersion, you gain access to a range of experiential programs expressly designed to extend your learning into the urban context.

From meetings with civic leaders to collaborations with impactful organizations, these exciting activities push you to transfer capabilities learned in class to new and unfamiliar situations.

Students in the city purchasing groceries - Buenos Aires
Global Residential Locations/

City Icon Residential Locations

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Video // Global Immersion

From morning rituals like running and yoga to intensive, location-based learning with leading figures and organizations, Minerva offers a wide range of stimulating pursuits outside of class.

This film, shot during a single day in San Francisco, exhibits the depth and breadth of the student experience in the first residential location.

Video: Andrew Hida and Jesse Dearing
Students cooking and eating at the residence hall

Class of 2019 students enjoy snacks in the San Francisco residence hall.

Video // Global Immersion: Seoul

Minerva attracts students from extremely diverse backgrounds, who share a common sense of purpose. They are energized by the prospect of solving complex challenges and making a positive impact on the world.

Explore the stories of these multi-faceted students, as they reflect on their semester in Seoul, South Korea. From studying infectious diseases to gaining artistic inspiration from the vibrant environments that surround them, they explore the Asian mega-city based on their academic and personal interests. 

Videos: Nils Clauss and Andrew Hida
Oluwasunmisola Ojewumi, Class of 2021, helping in SF community garden (long)

Class of 2021 student Oluwasunmisola Ojewumi, Nigeria, helps in a San Francisco community garden.

Photo: Bob Miller

Extracurricular Activities

At Minerva, learning includes growth beyond the academic setting. Through student-led social activities and a range of Student Initiatives (SIs,) you will also be encouraged to cultivate physical and emotional wellbeing.

From outdoor excursions to artistic and spiritual enrichment, SIs provide a platform for sharing interests and maintaining personal balance.

The examples here demonstrate a variety of activities and groups Minerva students have already initiated.

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