Tanha Kate

Tanha Kate is a second-year student from Dhaka, Bangladesh. She is majoring in Computational Sciences, focusing in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence. Tanha’s decision to attend Minerva was fueled, in part, by her desire to deeply immerse herself in a diversity of topics and cultures in each of the cities she will live and learn.

Tanha Kate



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Computational Sciences

Social Sciences

“Minerva teaches students to boldly embrace failures, not only as learning opportunities but as a necessary component of the human experience.”

Before coming to Minerva, Tanha pursued an array of passions and academic interests, from helping marginalized domestic workers in her hometown to completing the internationally focused Cambridge Advanced curriculum and participating in a leadership training program at UWC Mahindra College. Now, in San Francisco, she has become an active member of the student community, participating in co-curriculars and hackathons — including one where she and her team designed a mobile application to help survivors of natural disasters receive supplies more efficiently.