Our commitment to an affordable education means we only invest in the things that improve your learning experience.

Affordability and Global Access/

Extraordinary potential is distributed around the world, at every socioeconomic level. As a top student, you deserve access to the best education available. By eliminating unnecessary facilities, amenities, sports teams, and faculty tenure, Minerva is able to provide an exceptional education at a fraction of the cost of other top universities. Moreover, if you demonstrate need, you will be offered an equitable financial aid package, regardless of where you come from.

Class of 2021 Students in Dolores Park 1
Tuition & Fees /

At Minerva, your annual tuition is a fraction of what you would pay at other top universities, while housing, services, and other fees are comparable with those at most every other public and private institution in the United States. Instead of costly campus amenities, you use the best of each city for studying, research, location-based learning, and social activities.

Financial Aid /

However, the cost of your education is a shared responsibility, so you have a powerful incentive to make the most of it. While Minerva provides significant financial support for eligible students, we require you and your family to contribute to an extent that is both equitable and manageable.

Video // Visionary Futures

Minerva students are bright, driven, and intellectually curious. We believe that all who demonstrate these characteristics, together with outstanding academic performance and exceptional achievement, deserve access to the best education available.

This video features three Minerva students relating their hopes for realizing a more enlightened, sustainable, and peaceful world.

Video: Andrew Hida and Jesse Dearing
Three Types of Financial Aid/
Loan Icon

Low-Interest Loans

Minerva offers low-interest loans to all qualified students. These do not exceed across all four years what you might incur at other US schools in one year and are deliberately structured to reduce your financial burden during your studies and after graduation.

Work-Study Icon

Minerva Work-Study

To supplement your family's contribution and help pay down your student loan, Minerva provides extensive term-time employment opportunities to students who demonstrate additional need.

Scholarship Icon

Need-based Scholarship

If there is still a gap in funding your education, the Minerva Institute will provide a need-based scholarship made possible by the generous contribution of philanthropic donors.

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