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Do More in Four Years

Becoming a Minerva University student shifts you out of your comfort zone and into an environment of global exposure and rigorous, active learning that prepares you to take on the world and all its uncertainty.

At Minerva, you'll grow into:
A positive and transformative change agent
A dynamic problem solver.
A future-proof and impactful employee.
An innovative entrepreneur.
An inspiring, wise, and brave leader.
A positive and transformative change agent.
of all classes are small seminars of around 20 students
of Minerva University students come from outside the U.S.
of managers said Minerva University student performance was above average
of students held an internship role prior to graduation

Professional Experience

Minerva University alumni go forth into the world and embark on exciting journeys with some of the best-known corporations, research institutions, and NGOs, including:

The Minerva University Experience

Embark on a Unique Educational Journey

Experiential Learning

Expand on your global knowledge by engaging in projects with local organizations, companies, governments, and more in the rotation cities you live in. You will learn by doing and apply yourself to solving real-world problems that impact the cities you will be living in.

Global Cultural Immersion

Immerse yourself in vibrant cities and live with like-minded students from all over the world. Discover global cultures that challenge what you know, help you cement your independence, and make lifelong connections from all walks of life.

Virtual Active Learning

Actively engage in and discuss topics in classes that test your thinking. At the end of every lesson, reflect on what you have learned with detailed feedback from world-class professors.

Interdisciplinary Learning

Take an interdisciplinary approach to your learning that pushes you to develop critical skills for life and work and helps you go forth and solve the most complex issues of our time.

A New Way to Learn

Coursework at Minerva University is different. Instead of focusing on memorizing facts, figures, and concepts, students take a hands-on, interdisciplinary approach to their studies while traveling to and immersing in cities around the world such as Hyderabad and Buenos Aires to Berlin. Technology is leveraged as a conduit for active synchronous classes paired with in-person and hands-on engagement through local experiences. Seminar style classes take place with around 20 classmates. Knowledge and skills learned in class are then strengthened by practice in real-world scenarios through civic projects, independent study, location-based assignments, and internships.
At Minerva University you will build experience, transformative knowledge, and a close-knit global community alongside forming a real-world connection between theory and practical application.
Dilnaz Baltabayeva
Dilnaz BaltabayevaDilnaz Baltabayeva
“Minerva is shaping the future by continuously encouraging students to get out of their comfort zone, search for a way to make this world a better place, and become a global citizen.”
Lui Stegman
Experiential Education Manager, Buenos Aires
Lui Stegman
"Minerva means the opportunity to challenge every idea and be ready to get involved. It's inspiring to be around so many people that are open (and eager) to change and reflect."
Perpetua Ng’ang’a
Regional Associate Africa
Perpetua Ng’ang’a
"Minerva offers students a unique opportunity to connect with incredible people from around the world. As an alumna, I am inspired to ensure more people get to have this experience."

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