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Our admissions process focuses on who you are, how you think, and what you have achieved. Our sole goal is to determine whether a student will thrive in our academically and experientially challenging program and contribute to our bold global mission.

What We Look For

In order to qualify to attend Minerva University you need to be an individual who possesses a unique set of qualities that will see you excelling here and in life beyond university.

A possession of these qualities is the true marker for a successful Minerva University applicant and shows us more than any standardized test score can.

If you choose to apply, prepare yourself to contribute to the Minerva University community and society as a whole while developing the skills to address complex problems, improve the human condition, and put what you learn in class into practice with civic projects, internships, and more.

  • A broad interest in a variety of subjects

  • Curiosity about the world and its people

  • The continuous drive to excel

  • A focus on community

  • An inventive, entrepreneurial spirit

  • The potential to lead

  • The ability to collaborate

Join a community of intellectually-curious, ambitious, globally-minded peers

Pursue challenging academics and world experiences

Gain practical knowledge and strengthen flexible skills applicable to any context

Enjoy project-based opportunities and solve complex, real-world problems

Admissions Process

Aside from looking for students who demonstrate academic excellence, our admissions team takes who you are as a person into account when considering your application. Your passions, individual achievements, personal attributes, and accomplishments outside of school all matter to us.

Starting Your Application

Our admissions committee looks at your academics and transcripts to gain insight into the kind of student you are and determine if Minerva University is an environment you can thrive in.

How You Think

Instead of relying on standardized test scores, we present applicants with a series of online challenges designed to measure how you think and communicate. You will not need to prepare for these challenges and you can take them on your own time from wherever you are.

What You’ve Done

We will not give you a narrow definition of what achievement means. Instead, we will let you define this for yourself and show us your passions and achievements which can be anything from personal projects to your involvement in academic olympiads, literary or artistic works, employment experiences, and more.

Admissions Cycles

There are multiple distinct admissions cycles at Minerva University. The admission cycle you choose to apply to is entirely up to you, and we also offer the option of Binding Enrollment if we are your first, or only, choice. Binding Enrollment guarantees an expedited notification within four weeks of completing the admissions process in return for your commitment to attending Minerva University if admitted.

Binding Enrollment means:

  • You are committed to attending Minerva University
  • You are ready to pay your enrollment deposit within 10 days of notification
  • You have informed a parent or legal guardian of your Binding Enrollment selection (if you’re under 18) and all elements of the agreement

Early Action

Admissions Deadline:
November 1, 2023
Decision by:
December 15, 2023

Regular Decision I

Admissions Deadline:
January 16, 2024
Decision by:
March 1, 2024

Regular Decision II

Admissions Deadline:
March 5, 2024
Decision by:
April 15, 2024

Extended Decision

Admissions Deadline:
April 9, 2024
Decision by:
April 24, 2024

Extended Decision

Admissions Deadline:
April 9, 2024
Decision by:
April 24, 2024
Decision by
10 Days

Note: If you are interested in matriculating in Fall 2025 or later, please complete and submit the first page of the application. We will connect with you when the appropriate admissions cycles are open.

If you were previously admitted to Minerva University and declined our offer, you must apply as a Binding Enrollment applicant to be considered again. Additionally, you will be asked to provide an explanation for why you are reapplying and why you are committed to enrolling if admitted.

Minerva University students are bright, driven, and excited to embrace diverse global perspectives and solve the world's problems.

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Transfer Students

If your current school isn't serving your needs or meeting your expectations, Minerva University might be the experience you are looking for. The application process for transfer students is almost exactly the same as it is for those applying directly from high school, or secondary school.

Almost 20% of our current student body came to Minerva University from different institutions, with some students even having earned an undergraduate degree elsewhere. It is important to note that there are no introductory courses at Minerva University; you are required to complete the Foundation Year curriculum.

Note: Transferred credits are at the discretion of relevant college deans. But, because of the nature of Minerva’s curriculum, you must satisfy all core requirements so transfer credits can only be applied to elective courses. If you’re admitted to Minerva and would like to transfer credits from completed university courses, you must submit a description of each course and the grades you received.