Career Development at Minerva University

At Minerva University, you are never alone in planning the boldest version of your future. Work with our in-house Coaching & Development Team and receive personalized coaching and bespoke talent development training and resources to learn how to tell your story, to build a strong network, and so much more.

Graduate Success Report

See how Minerva University alumni prosper after graduation.


of students secure internships after their first year


of employed alumni agree that Minerva prepared them for their job


of Minerva University graduates are in full-time opportunities and graduate schools

Lifelong Support

At Minerva University, you have access to rich and diverse professional development opportunities both in the classroom and the real world that have you gaining skills, defining your interests, and building on your strengths.

Throughout your four-year journey with Minerva University, our Coaching & Talent Development (CTD) team collaborates with you, our faculty, and other global staff to give you the resources, training, and projects you need that align with your academic development and personal interests. You will also learn to identify careers that interest you and how to apply for opportunities through effective storytelling and interaction with others. This has you practicing lifelong career management skills and sees you graduating with the tools, behaviors, and network that empower you to lead a meaningful life and enjoy a fruitful career.

Personalized Coaching and Training

As you sort through and prioritize the myriad of professional development opportunities offered throughout the Minerva University experience, your own Coach will guide you throughout your time with us and beyond. In collaborating with your Minerva University Coach, you will receive personalized support and guidance to pursue your interests, build skills, and gain knowledge you can apply in and outside the classroom. Through 1:1 and group coaching and workshops, Minerva University empowers you with:

  • Skills to identify your values

  • Design thinking for your life and career

  • Summer planning strategies

  • Internship and job search techniques

  • Grad school guidance

  • Tools to present confidently

  • Insights into how to have meaningful conversations

  • Negotiation skills

  • Time management strategies

  • Tips to overcome procrastination

  • Guidance around personal branding

From year one, you will:

Uncover your values, strengths and interests and gain insight into what a meaningful life and career mean to you

Learn how to explore careers with design thinking and a growth mindset

Find out how to effectively tell your story to future employers

Professional Experience

Minerva University alumni go forth into the world and embark on exciting journeys with some of the best-known corporations, research institutions, and NGOs, including:

Work-study Program

Gain valuable working experience while earning an income each semester.
Minerva University work-study opportunities are:

  • Available to students with financial need.

  • Manageable in conjunction with your academic work.

Career-Related Academics & Experiences

Minerva University offers multiple ways to gain real-life professional development experiences that seamlessly integrate with your classwork. For example, as a first year, you will participate in a team-based project that focuses on solving real-world problems for a local partner organization. During the summer and through the academic year, Minerva University has launched a series of student-focused labs to provide immersive research and project opportunities to expand the global reach of hands-on learning. As a senior, your Capstone project offers an opportunity to build technical skills and expertise that directly relate to your career goals. This approach builds in-demand skills and prepares you to take on the world.

Minerva University Labs

To expand the global reach of hands-on project-based learning, Minerva University offers a series of student-focused labs to provide immersive research and project opportunities available to students in the summer and during the school year. Some examples include:

Sustainability Lab

Location: Limon, Costa Rica


Foci: Sustainability, agriculture, conservation, and natural resource management

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Lab

Location: Tokyo, Japan

Partner: The Masason Foundation

Foci: Developing AI solutions with a positive impact on society. Students pitch their start-up ideas directly to investors

Music, Health & Wellness Lab

Location: San Francisco, US

Developing ideas about how sound therapy and music can be empirically tested in psychology research

Build a Global Network

A Minerva University education is a transformative one, in more ways than you might think. We not only equip you with the skills and knowledge to succeed, but also to nurture a global network of peers, mentors, advisors, and champions who will support your personal and professional development throughout your time with us and beyond graduation.

Networking Labs

Get support in developing critical storytelling and conversational skills that let you tell your story your way, capture the interests of audiences, and secure positions within global organizations.

Mentorship Program

Lean on upperclassmen and Minerva University alumni with similar interests and goals to your own and get vital advice for life and work beyond graduation.

Professionals in Rotation Cities

Meet mentors through civic project partners and curated career exploration conversations that set you up for a successful and impactful future within organizations you care about.


Make connections with internship employers who can help you pave the way for life after you leave Minerva University. Many internship employers invite students back into their organizations with full-time opportunities, provide referrals to graduate schools, and introduce you to connections in the industries you want to be involved in.

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