Financial Aid

The financial aid application is reviewed separately from your admissions materials and will not impact your admissions decision. Moreover, eligibility for financial aid is not limited to residents of the U.S., as applicants from all countries can apply for financial aid.

Financial Aid Calendar

Please note: Students must submit all necessary documentation by one of the cut off dates in order to receive a financial aid determination.

Interested students should get their materials in as early as possible.

Financing Your Education

Round I

Submission Cut-Off
November 15, 2023
Round II
Submission Cut-Off
January 22, 2024
Round III
Submission Cut-Off
March 15, 2024

We offer

  • Need-based Scholarships
  • Work-Study Program
  • Low-Interest Loans

Applying for Financial Aid

To receive a decision about financial aid, you need to complete all the outlined requirements. We recommend applying for financial aid as soon as possible to increase your chances at receiving a comprehensive financial aid package.

Please note: if you have already obtained an undergraduate degree or graduated from another university, prior to enrolling at Minerva, you will only be eligible for a low-interest student loan.

CSS Profile
for fall 2024

To apply for financial aid, all applicants need to complete a CSS profile as a dependent.

Use Minerva School Code: 6033

CSS Fee waivers, are available to students who are affiliated with one of Minerva University’s partners. Please click here to view a list of partner organizations. All other students will be required to fund their own CSS profile costs


Aid Questionnaire

Complete our Financial Aid Questionnaire.

Please click here to learn more about the financial aid process with our Financial Aid Handbook.


Upload Required Documents

This includes 2021 and 2022 income statements: this can be tax returns, W2s, or your local equivalent. You will also need to provide your parents’ bank statements, covering the 12 most recent months for each account held in their names (checking, savings, investment, etc.).

Have questions about Financial Aid?

Please Note: if you are applying during the Early Action admissions cycle and will not yet have 2023 tax information available, please upload your parents’ most recent income statements instead