Philosophy & Pedagogy

Our academic philosophy is student-oriented. Instead of focusing on memorization, Minerva University focuses on developing your ability to think critically and creatively, to communicate effectively, and to work well with others. These skills are far more important than memorizing facts because they provide practical and adaptable skills that can be used to solve real problems.


of first-year students collaborated on a team-based project with students from different backgrounds

A Scientific Approach to Active Learning

Shape Your Mind

We help you build a stable and robust foundation for success by teaching and reinforcing foundational concepts. Some of these core concepts include teachings around understanding ethical problems, negotiation and persuasion, the application of research methods, and responding to criticism. Minerva University's unique blend of interdisciplinary exploration and concentrated study lets you gain diverse knowledge you can apply in your life and career.

Examples of Habits of Mind

Apply heuristics to make decisions.
Use emotional intelligence to interact effectively.
Understand audience perspectives to communicate effectively.

Examples of Foundational Concepts

Use algorithmic thinking to solve problems.
Extract information from data with statistics.
Learn visual design principles for multimedia communications.

Learning Objectives

Learn to innovate, work as a team, and become a global citizen through broadly adaptive learning that grants you skills across four core competencies to equip you with the ability to forge your own path to success. Our extensive set of teachable components enable you to:

Think Critically

Evaluate claims and weigh decisions

Think Creatively

Solve problems and facilitate discovery

Communicate Effectively

Write clearly and present confidently

Interact Effectively

Negotiate and work in teams

Key Goals

Minerva University prepares you to take on the greatest problems facing our world. We enable you to make data-driven decisions, work in teams, and apply your eventual expertise. We share a common goal with you – to provide you with the core concepts and knowledge you need to put you on a path to greatness and become:

Broad Thinkers
Global Citizens


Understanding across disciplines and cultures

Gain understanding of core concepts you’ll employ throughout your life and career by actively participating in engaging classes that are scientifically geared toward promoting learning. You will learn invaluable skills that get you recognised by top global organizations for being a competent and adaptable team player with a propensity for leadership and problem-solving.

Small Seminars

Classes at Minerva University are conducted via a virtual learning environment that facilitates synchronous instruction in classes of around 20 students. Deeply engage in your course material with your fellow students and participate in active discussions that allow for deep learning and information retention. Minerva University classes provide:

  • Intimate interaction with professors and fellow students

  • Individualized instruction and frequent feedback

  • Simplified schedule and assignment management

  • Enhanced performance reviews and progress tracking

Advanced Interactive Features

Minerva University professors are actively involved in your learning, every step of the way. They gather data during each class and provide you with frequent, detailed evaluations of your performance to help you excel.

Your professors gain deep insight into your strengths, level of understanding, and areas of improvement. Every session is recorded, so you always have an easily accessible archive of all your class activity to refer back to.

Instantaneous Breakout Groups

Smaller, group-working sessions with your classmates that are seamlessly integrated into the class you’re attending.

Quizzes, Polls, and Simulations

Demonstrate your thinking, learning, and understanding of specific topics with periodic, engagement-driving quizzes and polls during class time.

Collaborative Files

Learn actively and interactively during your classes with shared files between you, your classmates, and professors. Demonstrate ideas, show photos, take notes, play videos, and more.

Individualized Feedback

Receive individualized feedback on classes and assignments to gain understanding of your personal performance and get the feedback you need to succeed. Improve on what is possible during open office hours with your professors for additional support.