Tuition & Fees

Attending Minerva University means you immerse in the world alongside talented and passionate classmates, and learn both in and outside the classroom. Explore the costs associated with an invaluable Minerva University undergraduate experience.

Financing Your Education

With careful planning, applicants from all income levels can plan ahead and find appropriate financial support.

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Student Services Fee


Estimated Living Costs2


Total Cost of Attendance


1 - Estimated
2 - Not paid directly to Minerva University

Tuition & Program Fee

Your Tuition and Program fee covers your instruction, location-specific experiential learning opportunities like curated experiences, activities, and gives you access to world-leading professionals and institutions across multiple verticals.

Residential Services Fee

A unique component of your education at Minerva is the global residential experience. Each location provides a safe and healthy environment in which you can learn, expand your worldview, and gain critical skills for life. This fee not only covers your housing costs, but also funds our onsite support staff.

Estimated Living Costs

The cost of your living expenses such as food, transportation, and supplies varies according to your lifestyle choices and the cost of living in each residential location.

Required Technology

Your Residential Services fee covers technical support and high-speed, wireless internet. But, there are requirements (provided upon admission) for a laptop and headset that you are responsible for acquiring. We also recommend purchasing a graphic drawing tablet, but that is not required.

Travel Costs

Embracing a global experience is a crucial part of the comprehensive residential program at Minerva. As a student, you have the responsibility of covering the expenses associated with travel between residential locations or to and from your home.

Health Insurance

You will automatically be enrolled in a health insurance plan that is comprehensive, affordable, and widely recognized so you have access to health care in all our rotation cities. The only exception to this is for students who are studying in their home country, for example, if you are a U.S. citizen in your first semester in San Francisco, or a Korean citizen studying in Seoul. These cases would require you to be covered by your own private insurance or a government-sponsored program.