Build Confidence In Your Decisions

Join us for an interactive online workshop and a glimpse into our Foundation Year curriculum. In this session we will discuss how our decision-making process works, explore when it goes astray, and introduce a framework for systematizing choices. You will take the first step to building a toolkit of concrete transferable skills through Minerva's Cornerstone Courses, which will help you in your future academic and career opportunities.

Facilitated by: Christine Looser, Associate Business Professor at Minerva Schools

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May 5

7:00 am PST


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Namrata and Julian on Active Learning Forum
Visiting Scholars Year

This two-semester opportunity offers a rigorous, interactive academic experience to establish transferable skills and knowledge which are at the core of Minerva’s transformational education.

Undergraduate Program

Minerva is intentionally designed to develop your intellect across multiple disciplines, as well as critical life skills, professional capabilities, and key aspects of your personal character.

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