Prepare to make a positive impact with our unique approach to university education.

Undergraduate Program

Experience four years of intensive education in a global context. You will gain the universal skills needed to become an analytical decision-maker, creative problem-solver, and engaged world citizen. Live and learn together with a passionate and culturally diverse student community, as you tackle challenges that will help you prepare for a fulfilling career with societal impact.

Undergraduate Program

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Challenging Curriculum

Develop transferable skills and foundational knowledge in a rigorous, active learning environment.

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Global Experience

Immerse in new global experiences, apply your learning to different cultural contexts, and expand your perspectives.

Career Development

Identify your professional goals, seek meaningful opportunities, and realize your career ambitions.

Graduate Program

The Master of Science in Decision Analysis is designed for working professionals. In just 21-months, you will learn the decision-making skills needed to advance your career and affect positive change for your organization and society at large.

Graduate Program

Advanced Master’s Curriculum

Develop and strengthen your decision-making skills to address complex challenges and make a profound impact on society.

Small Seminars with Diverse Peers

Join a globally-diverse cohort of working professionals in small, active learning seminars conducted in a virtual learning environment.

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Support for Professional Progress

Access expert support, whether you are considering a career transition, pursuing a promotion, or redefining your professional purpose.

The Minerva Approach

Each discussion-based seminar at Minerva is fully active and engaging to improve student learning and retention. Developed from research in the science of learning, students gain foundational skills and transferable knowledge and are continuously provided data-informed feedback through our Forum platform.

The Minerva Approach

Upcoming events

Upcoming Events

Current Students Overview and Q&A Session
December 10, 2021
6:00 pm Pakistan Standard Time

Join current Minerva students for an interactive session where they will provide an overview of the undergraduate student experience and answer questions you might have about life at Minerva, professional development opportunities, the application process, and more.

Master in Decision Analysis Program Overview
December 16, 2021
8:00 am Pacific Standard Time (PST)

Join Antonia Boorman, Minerva Outreach Representative, with a current student perspective, for an overview of our Master in Decision Analysis program and its value for professionals seeking to gain skills that will impact their decision making capacity. This session will include a Q&A segment.


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