“Minerva identifies and teaches the skills students need to become the thinkers and leaders our world so desperately needs.”

“Minerva's emphasis on practical knowledge, the four core competencies and interdisciplinary majors across five colleges helps our students succeed in our complex 21st century.”

“Brilliance and drive know no borders. I’m proud to be a part of the team that helps find the students who make up Minerva’s incredible community.”

“It’s exciting to develop efficient solutions across cultural boundaries for Minerva. It is a truly global educational organization that embraces opportunities found in diversity.”

“Minerva lives at the intersection of theory and practice helping students become their best selves while nurturing critical wisdom for the sake of the world.”

“Our team is building learning opportunities and promoting critical development in students regarding how they want to live and lead.”

“Nothing is more important for the world than nurturing critical wisdom. I founded Minerva to be the only institution in the world to systematically do that.”

Admissions Team

“I’m drawn to Minerva’s vision for transforming higher education; how it challenges students to think unconventionally and empowers them to explore limitless possibilities.”

“Minerva is education for the digital age, an experience beyond books and laptops. I’m happy to give students an opportunity I wish had been available to me.”

Student Life Team
Discovery Team