“Nothing is more important for the world than nurturing critical wisdom. I founded Minerva to be the only institution in the world to systematically do that.”


“Minerva is uniquely global and immersive, our courses ethical and purpose-driven, our students bonded to each other across every line of difference. At Minerva, tomorrow is today.”

“Minerva identifies and teaches the skills students need to become the thinkers and leaders our world so desperately needs.”

“Minerva's emphasis on practical knowledge, the four core competencies and interdisciplinary majors across five colleges helps our students succeed in our complex 21st century.”

“Brilliance and drive know no borders. I’m proud to be a part of the team that helps find the students who make up Minerva’s incredible community.”

“Our team is building learning opportunities and promoting critical development in students regarding how they want to live and lead.”

“It’s exciting to develop efficient solutions across cultural boundaries for Minerva. It is a truly global educational organization that embraces opportunities found in diversity.”

Dean, Associate Deans, and Faculty

“My research on learning led me to Minerva. I am excited to put theory into practice at the first university built on the science of learning principles.”

“University curricula should be based on evidence of how learning works. I am devoted to improving the quality of higher education through collaboration with innovative institutions”

“Classes at Minerva are more engaging, intellectually enriching, and skillfully designed than any I have experienced elsewhere; it’s exciting to be part of something so dynamic.”

“Nothing beats getting to spend your time tackling problems that are deeply important to you. Doing that at Minerva, with incredible students and colleagues, is icing on the cake.”

“Minerva’s platform and curriculum foster intimate and engaging examinations of complex ideas, providing the foundation for innovative approaches to analyzing the past and present.”

Admissions Team

“I believe in how Minerva is transforming higher education. Its innovative curriculum, global immersion, and teaching of practical skills equip students to make a real-world impact.”

“Minerva is education for the digital age, an experience beyond books and laptops. I’m happy to give students an opportunity I wish had been available to me.”

“Minerva's unique focus on practical skills and experiential learning are essential components of an education that will shape you as a global citizen.”

Global Student Life

“Learning never ceases for true global citizens. I am proud to support our students on Minerva's global rotation, providing constant, ongoing, deeply-immersed experiential learning.”

“I am inspired by Minerva’s aim to develop globally-minded and culturally-humbled leaders who can think globally while acting locally to create purposeful change for the future.”

“It is a privilege to work for an organization that fosters critical wisdom as part of its core mission. Walking through this journey with our students is an honor.”

“Minerva is developing global leaders who will solve tomorrow’s complex problems.”

“Allow mistakes to guide you forward.”

Finance & Operations

“Becoming a global citizen starts at the SF residence hall, learning how to live with others and taking those skills to each rotation city.”

“Finance at MU is a necessary departure from the norm. With our dynamic and human centered approach, students gain practical knowledge and skills to navigate real life situations.”