An Important Message from Minerva’s Leadership Team

The following email was sent to the Minerva community today, in response to the recent executive order. | Jan 30, 2017

To the Minerva community,

We know that the news of the executive order, issued on January 27, 2017 regarding federal travel restrictions, is on everyone’s mind. This order is a case study in failing to understand which problem needs to be solved, counterproductive policy making, and succumbing to cognitive biases — all of which are in direct opposition to what we stand for and educate to prevent. Whatever the final outcome, we will continue to provide the extraordinary Minerva education to every student in our community and to everyone who qualifies for admission — regardless of their country of origin.

Our mission is to nurture critical wisdom for the sake of the world. We cannot do that without embracing those who share that goal, no matter where they live. We create unity by bringing together people, perspectives, and cultures. We provide our students with a common intellectual language that allows them to analyze problems dispassionately and devise effective solutions that take into account unintended consequences.

As part of our global rotation, we will continue to offer our first year in the United States, with the intention to enable every qualified student from any country in the world to join us here. If visa restrictions will prohibit any of those students from beginning their Minerva journey in San Francisco, we will ensure that their education will not be impeded. Our six non-American locations provide ample opportunities for students to both experience the best the world has to offer and receive a full Minerva education. Our students are our top priority and we will support their educational pursuits in every way possible.

The Minerva community is strong, determined, and resilient. We know that by working together we will continue to realize our mission, regardless of what obstacles may confront us.

The Minerva Leadership Team