Hello from Berlin!

Hi there,

Thanks for meeting me in Berlin!

Growing up in rural Missouri, I knew when I decided to enroll at Minerva that I would be exposed to the diversity of the world’s cultures and be challenged to constantly adapt to new systems. After three years and five countries, this has been exactly what I’ve experienced. In addition to admiring historical street art in Berlin, I’ve shared tea in Hyderabad, ate kimchee in Seoul, seen entrepreneurialism firsthand in San Francisco, and danced in Buenos Aires. Supported by my classmates, we’ve created a unique community together to help one another as we explore new customs and embrace new challenges.

It’s undeniable that you’re facing a unique end to your high school journey—between tests, Zoom classes, and college applications, you’re tackling challenges in an entirely new context. But, if anything, these times are preparing you for an education at Minerva.

If you approach problems with innovative solutions and desire to immerse yourself in new perspectives in order to experience something new, I say embrace the unknown, reflect on your goals, and consider applying to Minerva.

Audrey M21 Berlin



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The Regular Decision I deadline is January 15, 2021.

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