Admission to Minerva is not a matter of chance; it is based entirely on your own merit.


Minerva’s unique admissions process eliminates unfair biases, instead focusing on who you are, how you think, and what you have achieved. This merit-based approach enables both worldwide student access and high selectivity.

Minerva also has the unique advantage of unlimited enrollment, so you are not competing with other applicants for a spot. Regardless of where you come from, if you demonstrate the curiosity, drive, and potential to excel, you are guaranteed admission. 

If you know that Minerva is your first choice, apply Binding Enrollment to find out your admissions decisions within four weeks. Apply today and choose challenges over standardized tests. 

Sultanna (Tanna) portrait with computer
2021-22 Admissions Cycles/

Early Action

Submission Deadline Nov 1

Notification Date Dec 15

Enrollment Deadline May 1

Early Action is for students who feel prepared to submit their application and receive their decision in 2021, providing further time to make preparations to attend classes in the Fall and begin connecting with the Minerva community.

Regular Decision I

Submission Deadline Jan 17

Notification Date Mar 31

Enrollment Deadline May 1

The first Regular Decision cycle corresponds to most other American university admissions calendars, with an admissions decision provided at the end of March.

Regular Decision II

Submission Deadline Mar 15

Notification Date Apr 15

Enrollment Deadline May 1

The second Regular Decision cycle aligns with international application timelines to enable all students, regardless of geographic location, to consider Minerva in their university applications. Please note, admissions notifications for this cycle occur more rapidly than in prior cycles and if you are admitted, you will need to make a quicker decision regarding your enrollment.

Binding Enrollment Option

If Minerva is your first choice school, you have the opportunity in any cycle to expedite your admissions notification, receiving a decision in four weeks of completing the admissions process. By selecting Binding Enrollment, you indicate that you are prepared to make an enrollment deposit if admitted, and attend Minerva in Fall 2022.

Note: If you are interested in matriculating in 2023 or later, please complete and submit Part One of the application. We will contact you when the appropriate admissions cycles are open.

The Minerva University reserves the right to evaluate an application and render a final decision even if all pieces of the application have not been received.

Admissions Process /

Your candidacy is entirely merit-based, with no consideration given to standardized test scores like the SAT or generic essay questions. Instead, Minerva has developed a custom process that allows for both worldwide access and high selectivity.

Applicant Qualifications /

While exceptional academic performance is crucial, Minerva admissions also seeks raw potential. Initiative, curiosity, and intellectual capacity are powerful indicators of your fit. So too is a desire to improve the human condition and collaborate in solving the most complex problems of our time.

Fiona and Xiaofan in Yerba Buena Center

Transfer students Fiona Iyer, USA, and Xiaofan Liang, China, walk through San Francisco's Yerba Buena Center.

Binding Enrollment /

If Minerva is your school of choice, select the Binding Enrollment option. By doing so, you commit to attending if admitted, and you will receive a decision within four weeks of submitting your completed admissions requirements.

Rinad and Mandy studying

Class of 2019 students Mandy, USA and Rinad, Jordan take a break in their San Francisco residence hall.

Photo: Bob Miller

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Admissions Team/

“I’m drawn to Minerva’s vision for transforming higher education; how it challenges students to think unconventionally and empowers them to explore limitless possibilities.”

“Minerva is education for the digital age, an experience beyond books and laptops. I’m happy to give students an opportunity I wish had been available to me.”