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Invest in Your Future

Admission to Minerva is merit-based and need-blind. Accordingly, your eligibility for financial aid is determined entirely by your demonstrated need. We evaluate each admitted student’s financial situation impartially by ensuring equal opportunity, regardless of ethnicity, nationality, or gender. If you are admitted and demonstrate financial need, we will offer you an aid package — no matter who you are or what country you are from.

A Minerva degree is affordable — a fraction of the cost of other top-tier institutions — and the education is superior, with results to prove it. After only freshman year, Minerva students outranked graduating U.S. seniors on the CLA+, an externally validated assessment of student learning.

In addition to our dedication to providing an extraordinary education to all qualified students — at an exceptionally low cost — we believe sharing in the financial obligation is a reflection of your understanding of the value of a Minerva education. That is why you and your family are expected to contribute to the cost of attending, to an extent that is both fair and sustainable.

Aid packages typically comprise a low-interest loan — not exceeding across all four years what you might incur at other US-schools in one year — and work-study opportunities. This combination incentivizes ongoing family support and your focused participation while reducing any lasting financial burden after you graduate. To cover remaining needs, the Minerva Institute will provide a need-based scholarship made possible by the generous contribution of philanthropic donors.

Applying for Financial Aid

To support our need-blind admissions policy, our independent financial aid application process is designed to evaluate all admitted candidates equally, so your financial aid application is reviewed separately from your admissions materials. This means that applying for financial aid will not affect your admissions decision in any way. Every applicant — whether from the U.S. or any other country — is eligible to apply for and receive financial aid.

If you are admitted to Minerva and qualify for aid, you will be offered a financial aid package commensurate with your demonstrated need. To be considered for financial aid, complete the admissions process and then follow the steps listed under Financial Aid Requirements at the bottom of this page.

Please note, if you have already obtained an undergraduate degree or graduated from another university, prior to enrolling at Minerva, you will only be eligible for a low-interest student loan.

Financial Aid Deadlines/
2021–2022 Academic Year
Cycle Deadline
Early Action November 15, 2022
Regular Decision I January 31, 2023
Regular Decision II March 29, 2023
Extended Decision April 14, 2023
Rolling Selection May 16, 2023
Note: Binding Enrollment applicants should submit their documents within seven days after submitting their admissions materials.

Financial Aid Requirements

In order to receive a financial aid decision, you must complete all financial aid requirements by the deadline corresponding with your application cycle. The aid application is comprehensive and includes a number of documents you will need to submit for Minerva to evaluate. Please make sure you get an early start on obtaining these. Late financial aid applications may not be considered for financial aid.

  • Complete the CSS Profile for Fall 2023
    • Minerva School Code: 6033
  • Complete Minerva’s Financial Aid Questionnaire
  • Upload Required Documents to the Financial Aid Center
    • 2020 and 2021* Tax Returns and W2 forms for both parents OR foreign country equivalent (income statements or letter of employment confirmation stating monthly salary)
    • Parents’ bank statements covering the twelve most recent months for each account held in their names (checking, savings, investment, etc.)

* Note: if you are applying during the Early Action admissions cycle and will not yet have 2021 tax information available, please upload your parents’ most recent income statements instead.

If you have additional questions, please review our Frequently Asked Questions.

Applications for Fall 2023 are closed.

If you want to apply for Fall 2024 or a later term, you can begin part 1 now.